At Creek Village Dental, we understand that patients may need some form of sedation for their dental procedures. This may be due to dental anxiety, fear of needles, or having a strong gag reflex. We strive to keep you as comfortable as possible while in our dental chairs, so we offer different levels of sedation dentistry to help make your appointments as easy as possible. The different types of sedation that we offer are:

Oral Conscious Sedation
For these procedures, you will take an oral dose prior to your appointment. This level of sedation will make you feel relaxed and slightly groggy.

Nitrous Oxide Inhalational Sedation
Also known as laughing gas, this inhaled gas is administered gradually through a nose hood throughout your appointment. While making you feel relaxed, this route is also quickly reversed with a period of pure oxygen to flush the gas out of your system so you can continue about your day after your appointment.

Intravenous Conscious Sedation
For more invasive procedures, or for patients with significant dental phobias, IV sedation may be a good option for you. Medications are incrementally introduced by way of an IV to give you a deeper feeling of relaxation. While you are still technically awake, you are in a “twilight” level of sedation where you will likely feel like you are asleep, but will still be responsive to the dentist. Most patients typically have some level of amnesia following an IV sedation, so you are unlikely to remember the appointment.

Following oral and IV sedation appointments, you will be required to have someone transport you home. We advise you to spend the day at home and avoid activity until the medications have been fully eliminated from your system.

If you are interested in Sedation Dentistry, or have any questions about whether or not you are a candidate for any levels of sedation, please let your dentist know and they will be happy to discuss these options with you.

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